Notice Of Advice And Motivation To All 2017 JAMB Candidates

Notice Of Advice And Motivation To All 2017 JAMB Candidates
Permit me to give kudos to all 2017 Jambites in here. I want to believe we all worked hard, went on sleepless night and relentless reading just to get the best out of the exam.
Whether you had a good mark or not, one prevailing fact remains that there is a zeal in you not to remain the way you are. There is a passion for moving ahead, an hunger for a new level and that was why you counted it worthy to opt-in for the exam.
Coming out with a low jamb score is not a guarantee or an affirmation that you won’t be admitted this year. The issue is how informed you are.

Maybe you have noticed that Examblow has given an assumed cutoff mark for some schools and if you take a critical look, most of them will work in your favour.

Take off the retarding mindset that you can not go to a polytechnic. Are they for animals?

Some years ago when I got admission in to the polytechnic, some of my friends where like, awon omo poly.
My dear, I knew what I wanted and I pursued it, by the time I was done with my two years, some of my friends where still at home and I didn’t stop, I went for my degree.

Now Bsc and Nd is standing. Your two years can not be a waste. Nail pride and what people will say and pursue something instead of cry about a low mark. Crying doesn’t solve issues, it complicates it.

To all those who scored high in the exam I say weldone but never relent in getting updated.
Maybe I should hint you on this, I have a boy who scored 246 in the just concluded exam which you will agree with me is a meaningful score and on the high side but may I let you know that by the time we checked the cutoff mark for his course in the school he picked, he was not just up to it.
So the point is, pause the jubilation and ask the following critical question?

» What is my schools cutoff mark ?

» What is the cutoff for my course ?

» Do I need a change of course/institution?

Many student get disappointed even with their high jamb score.
Its not that the school is wicked but because the student was overwhelmed by the score he/she had.
May I also point out this that it is possible to secure admission into a school you did not pick in jamb, many of us don’t know this.
There are schools that brings out supplementary admission that your 180 will enter. I would have dwelt on this but that will be latter in this post.
Next is the fact that you all need to go get the screening procedures of your schools. I have a number of them but let me say for FUOYE.
Taking last year for example, some of them where invited and asked so questions in form of an interview. This might sound easy or look cheap but may I let you know that a wrong response can cost you a year.
In the area of change of institution, please care must be taken. If it will require you to take a brochure, please do. Select a course that won’t conflict you jamb subject combination and 0’level result.
For institutions, patience is required also. Ask if those of you who chose one university can now choose two so as to increase your chances.

  1. Screening of candidates shall be for ONLY candidates recommended for admissions.

  2. No written examination to be conducted.

  3. Verification of Course Requirements (O’ levels or A’ levels).

  4. Verification of valid JAMB results by checking:

i. Online Result Slip

ii. Printout

iii. Photo Album

v. Checklist

vi. Biometrics

  1. Institutions are free to source from other Course(s) to compensate for SHORTFALL in any of the criteria.
    Admission might seem like its going to be hard this year but you need not to be afraid, just do what you need to do and be sure that your admission will be certain.
    Also do not forget to put all things in the hands of God.
    You should know by now that Gods favour can break every existing protocol irrespective of who made it.
    May I also use this opportunity to invite all those who are interested to this years annual Jambites Forum Tagged
    ” The 2017 Jambite Guides Summit ”

It is a program for all Jambites to give them the secret to admission and all they need to know about higher institution.

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