​When I got toEPISODtel where we discussed, I was inside my car and dialled her number.

She picked up immediately and told me that she is on the way coming.

I decided to stay inside my car as I was waiting for her.

I logged in to whatsapp, That day was the day I got 1231 messages from 149 chats.

I didnt know who to reply first so I logged out immediately. Shola called me that she is in the hotel and was asking me where I am.

I told her to wait for me at the bar that am coming .

I got down from the car and went straight to the bar side, I saw one, Fair giant girl sitting down with a red trouser and a white polo with a black hand bag she dropped at the table.

“Could she be the one?” I asked myself.

I placed a call to Shola and she picked up, I asked her the colour of the cloth she wore and she described it.

It was that lady I saw so I moved straight to her table and sat down and looked into her eyes.

ME: Good day Shola!

Shola: good afternoon igwe!

ME: good afternoon.  How are you doing my dear?

Shola: I’m fine. Igwe you’re funny oo.

You nearly scared me.

**we started introducing ourselves.

Thereafter, I called the bar attendant and made an order and I asked her to make her own order.

“Don’t worry, I’m ok, I don’t wanna take anything” Shola said.

I looked at her in a disgusting manner.

Me: c’mon, you dont have to say that.

How can you go without taking anything today that is our first day of seeing each other.

If you do as you said, know that you’ve really insulted me.

Shola: To tell you the truth, I don’t like taking anything in an open place like this.

Can we go somewhere hidden?

Me: ** I breadth down ** okay, If you say so, There is no problem.

**I told the bar attendant to show us somewhere hidden that we can be alone.

He took us to one empty room with four chairs.

She made an order of a full chicken with fried rice and yogurt.

I placed the same other and also with one bottle of table water and beer.

Shola: beer? C’mon you shouldn’t be drinking beer now.

Please, Waiter, bring one spirit for him.

** the waiter left,

I was looking at her but I do it in a matured way.

Shola: so, tell me about your relationship life.

Me:**I was amazed bcos I don’t expect that question from her, But even if she will ask me, It shouldn’t be that first day we meet ** For over 6months now, I’ve not been in a relationship because of what I passed through in the hands of ladies in the past.

Shola: So sorry about that… But it seems unbelievable to me..

How do you handle erection all this 6months that you’re alone?

Or will you tell me that you’re not having an erection all this while as some of you guys do say?

Me: ** I couldn’t believe that the kind of questions she is throwing at me.

I’ve no option than to be answering her**

Hahaha. .. I’m not an impotent, Its a natural thing so I do control it the way we guys do.

Shola: you masturbate right?

ME: masturbate! Over my dead body.

I can never try such a thing.

** The waiter brought our demands to our table.

We started eating and slaughtering the chicken and drinks.

After 10mins of eating and asking ourselves silly questions.

She demanded for spirit also and they brought it to her.

All work and done, I called the waiter and told him to bring our bill and he handed it to me.

As I was about to pay, She dipped her hands inside her bag and brought out 15k and gave to me to pay the waiter.

“Let him take the change”

She said.

She started acting somehow and I guessed then that she was drunk.

“Igwe I want to sleep, take me inside the room” she said.

I told her to stand up, lemme drive her to her house but she refused to stand up.

“Omo I don die today oo.

How I go take her home now.

How did I even allow her to take spirit in my present??”

I couldn’t even know what to do.

I started petting her in order for her to stand up and she finally agreed and I took her to my car.

She started directing me to her house.

When we finally gotten to her house, I helped her to unlock her door and I took her inside.

Her apartment is well decorated with so many beautiful things.

As I was about to go, She dragged me back with force and I fell on her body.

I couldn’t even hold myself again because the temptation is becoming too much that I can’t resist again.

I’ve no option than to let the cat out of the bag.

See me, See free k-ttycat.

Me, wey never f–k for past 8months na im dis bae dey tempt, Na kill I go kill am today.

To be continue.

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