​I called Pascal and told him what happened between the guy that was matched to pay.

He scolded me for doing that but on the other hand, He said it’s not my fault cos I did it under the influence of acohol.

He said I should wait for him that he is coming to my house right away.

I was so curious about everything that happend between us.

Some minutes later, Pascal arrived to my house and told me to give him the guys number.

I opened my phone and scroll to where I installed the number with “Olamide MMM”.

Pascal Used his phone and called him but he didn’t pick.

I started sweating like a criminal that was about to stone to death.

Pascal told me to calm down that he’ll pick.

He redialled the number and he pick up. He put it on loudspeaker so that I’ll be hearing what they will discuss.

PASCAL: hello,,, good morning *he responded** I’m pascal, I hope am talking with


Olamide: yes.

Pascal: please, my bro,,,,

Am calling on behalf of my friend igwe.

He told me what happened between you guys last night….

Please he did that under the influence of alcohol please temper justice with mercy.

Olamide: I hope he told you how he insulted me as if I done anything wrong to him.

Pascal: please forgive him.

Olamide: He should use this as his lesson so I wouldn’t confirm his teller, Let them block two of us from MMM…..

Pascal: bro please dont take it so far like that.

Everybody do make a mistake, Remember the money we’re talking about here isn’t a small money.

Olamide:And then, what happen???

Bro he should forget the money.

Thank you!

Pascal: excuse me before you hang up.

**He hung up, I breadth down, heat was gushing out from my body.

Pascal typed a message to him.

He didn’t reply, I started blaming Pascal for introducing me to the so-called MMM.

“Why are you blasting me as if am the one that caused it..

Huge man calm down, He’ll reply and confirm you” Pascal said.

He left my house while I left to work.

When I got to the office, I was so cool like someone who attended a burial condolence.

Some minutes later, My phone rang and it was uninstalled number so

I picked up.

ME: Hello.

Caller: hello…. good morning sir!

Me: good morning.

Caller: Am I speaking with Mr Igwe.

Me: yes.

Caller: I’m olamide ** immediately I heard that name, My eyes opened and also my ears to know what he want to say**

Me: bro… how far now.

Olamide: I’m fine sir, I’ve just finished reading your story “TALE OF A HOUSE BOY” online  so I decided to call you and congratulate you for the story.

** “which kind witch be this one now..

I thought it’s olamide from MMM”

I said to myself.** sir you actually did a great job but I want to ask you a question about the story.** I was muted**

Sir please is the story a real life story or a mere imagination?

Me: ** speak strictly** yes its a true life story.

Olamide: is it your life story or someone else?

Me: olamide, call me back am busy now.

Good day!

** I hung up and dropped my phone on my table.

Another Call came in, When I checked,

It was a new number so I didn’t pick up.

“Abeg make una leave me alone, I still dey think about my 150k that’s about to be drown and you dey talk about story.”

I said to myself.

I continued with work.

Some minutes later, My female colleague approached my table (we are making use of one office with different office chairs) asked me what the problem is that I’ve been moody since morning I came to work Muted

“Is it the girl you told me about that provoked you?”

She asked.

I couldn’t still talk to her.

“Huge man c’mon

tell me what the problem is , who knows if I’ll be of help”

She said.

I breadth down, “Maryann! Don’t worry sweetie,

am fine”

I said to her.

She went back to her sit and started her work.

I continued with mine too….

After that days work, as I moved to where I parked my car, as I entered my car to start it,

I’ve a second thought about that my MMM account so I decided to login to my MMM account.

When I checked, I was so happy when I saw that Olamide has confirmed my payment.

I dialled his number but he did not picking up.

I redialled it again and he picked up.

ME: Hi,,,,,, good evening!

Olamide: good evening sir.

ME: Thank you so much for confirming my payment.

Olamide: I dont mean to eat your money but just want to teach you a lesson.

There is no problem, we’re all humans….

ME: I appreciate so much. Can we be friends, I really like you?

Olamide: why not, we’re already friends.

My name is Olamide from Uyo but I reside in Lagos.

Me: wow!

That’s nice.

I’m igwe from Enugu state but reside in Abuja.

Olamide: abuja? Which side because I do come to Abuja every two weeks?

Me: I stays in Nyanya.

Olamide: I do visit my elder brother in kwakwarada.

ME: Thats nice. Any time you come for a visit again, You lemme know so that we can see each other and have some fun.

Olamide: There is no problem.

**I hung up.

As I was about to start my car, Marryann ran to my car and said that she want to discuss something with me.

I told her to jump in to the car.

When she entered, she was looking at me in a way I didn’t understand.

Maryann: Igwe,,,, why are you moody since morning?

Me: There is no problem, just that atimes you have to be moody to think about your life.

Marryann: ok…. please, huge man, My landlord increased my house rent because I refused him to make advances on me.

He gave me two days to park out from his house or he’ll lock my property.

I’ve no other place to go, Please can I pack into your house till I found a new apartment?

** I vowed not to have anything to do with girls after

how I messed up my life with them in the past.

Allowing her to my house will

be a temptation and am sure that I wouldn’t overcome it.

I looked at her and she was looking at me to hear my reply.

To be continue

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