I looked at her as she said that and i bend down my head.

“Igwe didnt you hear me?” She said.

I seated up and drown her closer and kissed her.

As am about to Kiss her the second time, She held my head.

Marryann: igwe please….. am just joking ooo, I didnt mean it.

Me: no problem, lets continue the joke until am through.

**I pushed her on the bed and started the real romance.

Marryann were tapping me and was telling me to leave her, and was adding it a moan.

At a point, she stopped and was giving me a soft moan.

I pulled my two hands inside her bra and grabbed her b–bs and was squeezing it so hard.

I pulled my mouth on hers and kissed her for some minutes and pull it down to her tummy, down to her waist.

I stripped her naked to view what am about to eat wella.

I also stripped myself too to have a full body contact with her.

My d–k was weak so I told her to use her magic and make it hard.

She started robbing it so hard at a time she pulled it to her a$$ but it didnt enter because it was not erect.

It was when she added her two hands as she was robbing it .

My d–k stood with full force and I pulled her down on the bed and pushed in.

She moaned and shook her waist.

She was so tight because her k–tycat held my d–k very tight.

I started going to and fro inside her with missionary style.

After five minutes, We swap to doggy style.

I fucked her for like 7mins before she c-m but I didnt.

After three minutes more of fucking, I withdrawn my d–k from her and enter

The bathroom and took my shower.

I did that because my d–k was hotting me and am not also deriving preasure from it anymore .

Thereafter, I became more fatigue that am breadthing like a man that fall down from a palm tree.

When I came out, Marryann was still lying down helpless.

I entered the sitting and Pascal called me to come out.

I told him to come to my house that am so weak.

After the call, I laid down on the floor and slept off only to wake up by 2am.

I took my shower and entered inside my bedroom and I saw Marryann sleeping on my bed instead of hers.

I stood there and was looking at her.

“Wetin this girl think she dey do here?

Sleeping in my room??

I entered her own room and slept off.

In the morning, When I woke up, Marryann had already finished preparing our breakfast and got ready to go to work.

She didnt talk to me and we were looking at each with a guilty face.

I hurriedly rushed to the bathroom and took my shower and got prepared and took my breakfast sharply.

I dressed up and we drove off to work.

We entered our office still didn’t talk to each other.

We all settled  down in our different chairs.

We were dimming eyes for each other.

Some minutes later, My phone rang and it was Shola,

I looked at Marryann before answering the call.

Me: hello

Shola: good morning!

How was your night?

Me: so sweet and yours?

Shola: you made my day yesterday so sweet and lovingly.

I enjoyed it so much and I know you equally do.

Me: I didn’t (jokingly)

We both laughed and Marryann looked at me.

Thereafter, I hung up.

Pascal called me and told me to make a pledge on MMM against December.

I made a pledge of #150k.

After work, I drove Marryann home while we still didnt talk to each other.

To be continue

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