​I moved my head closer to hers and started kissing her.

I pulled my hands on her b–bs and was squeezing it and same time with my d–k so erect. After few moment of confused kissing, I stripped her naked and she did the same to me.

I hung my hand on her waist and she hung hers on my shoulder as we’re looking at each other.

I pushed her and she fall on the chair and spread her legs for me.

We kissed for some minutes, And i was about to dig inside her, She stopped me and

whispered “where is your condom?”.

I told her to forget it and lets go on.

She agreed without hesitating.

We started with missionary style and i began to Bleep her ***in-out-in-out****. I was complementing her with a kiss at the same time.

Shola seems to have this big hips restricting me from deep penetration, then I placed my two hands under her a$$ to press the a$$ closer to me each time I returned after going up. Later, I raised up her two legs and spread them wide apart.**chaiiii, the penetration was to the fullest.

After like 5 minutes, shola said “please don’t pour inside me,

December is fast approaching?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll not pour inside you” i replied.

She replied with a sweet moan of “hmmmmmmm”.I released one of her legs, turned it sideways and pushed the other leg in same direction as I make her face my d–k with her Bottom as she was lieing on the bed and I knelt behind the a$$.

I used my hand to push up one of the butts so as to reveal the pusy hole while I used the other hand to bury my d–k into it. Shola was moaning heavily and screaming at the same time. I was deriving more pleasure because the moans was kinda sexy.

I f–ked her for another 5 minutes before I withdrawn my d–k and pour on the floor but before then, I didn’t know if my cum dropped inside her because immediately I withdrawn, My cum split out on the floor.

I groaned as i was pouring on the floor.

My cum was as thick as bond super glue.

Thereafter, I asked her for toilet tissue and she showed me where to get it.

I used tissue and cleaned it thoroughly and flush it in her toilet.

I took my shower and wore my cloth immediately and told her that I’ll be on my way.

“When will you visit me again?” She asked.

I told her that I’ll come anytime she want me to come.

She told me to come and give her a kiss before I go.

I kissed her and dashed out immediately because my consent were whipping me seriously.

I went to my car, As I put the key to the ignition to start it,

My phone rang and it was Pascal.

I picked up without hesitating.

“Hugeman where you dey?”

He asked.

I told him that I went for a date.

Pascal: you went for a date? Eeeh! I hope say no be my bae wey u went for a date with because you do admire her….

Anyway I go enquire later.

Me:** I laughed ** come wetin be your problem?

Pascal: anyway no be wetin we dey talk about now.

There is a newly online bizz that Someone just informed me now.

They called it Ultimate cycler.

If you open an account with #12500 in a week time, They’ll pay you 50k but if you bring 4 people that registered under you that same day you paid, They’ll pay you 50k instantly without waiting for a week.

Me: Am on the way coming back,

We’ll talk when I come back.

I hung up and drove home,

I parked my car and entered inside the house,

Marryann was in the sitting room watching television.

She greeted me and I responded and went straight to my room and laid down.

I called Marryann and she rushed to my room,

She sitted beside me as I lay down.

“Please help me with water” I said.

She ran out and came in with a table water.

I took it from her and drank.

Marryann: igwe whats the problem? Are you alright?

Me: I’m so tired.

Marryann: tired? Is like you went for a date and you took acohol

Me: a date! With who?

Marryann: you know them now.

I know you even enter one today…

abeg come dash me my own joor, body no be firewood

To be continue

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