​I can remember vividly on 3 october 2016,

I was in my office when I got a Call from

my colleague Pascal Jude.

PASCAL: hello huge man!

ME: Hi, pman. Wetin dey sup?

PASCAL: Nothing much bro.

There is one online business going on for a while now and I said I should inform you first to know if you’ll be  interested .

ME: OK,, yarn me.

PASCAL: They are called MMM, it was formed by a Russian man.

His aim of creating it is to help people…

ME: help people?

PASCAL: yes….. They give 30% interest if you invest on it.

If you create an account and pledge, after some weeks ,

They’ll match you and give you the account number and name you’ll pay in the money and you’ll upload a teller to enable them to know that you’ve paid

Once the person recieve alert, They will confirm your teller and so you’ll wait till one month before they’ll pay you back your money with 30% interest and registration bonus.

ME: You what, meet me in our usual joint tonight,so that you’ll explain it to me in a way I’ll understand.

PASCAL: alright bro!

**I aborted the call and continue with my work.

In the evening, I drove home feeling so tired because of that day’s work and other things.

I took my shower and took tea and bread before pascal called me that he is in that place I told him to meet me.

I wore my cloth, I decided to trek to the place.

When I got there, Pascal was already there with his girlfriend.

I sat down and he started explaining things to me.

I told him that am not interested

That those people are scammers.

His girlfriend also joined him and they started brain-washing me to join.

I was totally convinced when his girlfriend showed me the alert she has gotten from the business.

He used his phone and opened an account for me, He taught me how to be running my account in the site.

I first of all, Pledged #50k to know how the thing will be.

When I was matched to pay, Pascal called me and guide me on how to make the payment.

I paid but that night my spirit was disturbing me seriously.

I called pascal and told him,

“Pman if anything happen to me or my money, Guy I no go forgive youooo.”

He burst into laugher as I said that.

He started encouraging me to have hope and they’ll pay me my money.

“You can also pledge again so that you can be earning twice in a month”

He said.

I replied him, ” you dey craze, I never receive the first money ,and you’re expecting me to make another plegde. You must be joking”.

PASCAL: huge man, so you are you scared because of a mere #50k.

You and I know that you’re above that money so why are you bothering yourself?

ME: That am above what? So you no dey naija to see wetin reccesion dey do us wey be common man.

Abeg, I no wan hear Tory jareh!

No be your papa wey dey fly to China dey come back.

PASCAL: you don talk am as if, my papa money na my money.

My papa no go fit give you Fadden if u no tell am sometin important wey you wan carry am do.

My papa na very strict man.

**some weeks later,

I was in my office when my phone beeped, When I opened the Message,

The person that was matched to pay me credited my account with #79k.

We confirmed the teller the person uploaded.

Thereafter, I made plegde of #150k.

On the day I was matched to pay, I transferred the money to the person I was matched to pay but he didn’t confirm it.

I called his number but he refused to pick.

I became worried, “What’s the problem?

What have I done to myself?

How do I even make a pledge of #150k?

Greediness have killed me.”

I placed a call to Pascal to seek for solution but he told me to calm down that if he didn’t confirm it till tomorrow that we’re going to write support.

He asked me if I upload a teller but I said “no”.

“This is very complicated, Why didn’t you upload a teller?

I know you transfered the money through bank app.”

Pascal said.

“Yes I do” I replied.

He said that I should wait for him the next day maybe he’ll pick up.

After our call, I became restless.

That’s days work was a kind if boring to me.

When I came back in the evening, I took my shower and went out to cool off.

I took 4 bottles of ooompa (hero) and I got drunk that night.

When I got home, I relaxed on the bed after I’ve naked myself.

My phone rang and I picked it without delaying.

There was one number that usually call me then,

They were trying to scam me so as a person who is under the influence of alcohol,

I started spiting all sort of things to him.


How many times have I warned you to stop calling my line?

Let’s today be the first and the

Last you will ever call my line.

This is how you guys scam people online.

Bitch! Idiot!..

The caller wanted to talk and I shun him and aborted the call.

He called me again and I aborted his call also

In the morning,

I found out that the person I insulted on phone was the guy I transferred the money to.

It was when his message came in saying,

that I shouldn’t call him again and he wouldn’t confirm my teller, That I should go to hell to do whatever I want to do.

Omo DAT day was the day I know the meaning of Gobe.

To be continue

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