Our Not Online Nor Copy & Paste But A Live Demonstrational Skin Care Training as Produce a lot of Competent Skin Care Therapists Over the Years.
The Training gets much more Better & Advanced each Session with lot of Fun
From Wk1-Wk6
Week 1
* Introduction to Beauty Therapy(Skin care)
* Skin types & cares
*Skin Analysis
*Client Consultation
*What is Facial treatment
*Benefits of Facial treatment.
*Types of facial treatment, procedure & process
*Organic facial treatment
*Pro mixing facial treatment
*High Frequency Facial Treatment
*Facial uplifting & massage
Week 2
*Definition of Aromatherapy
*Essential oils & Carrier oils
*Uses of oils in Skin care
*How to dilute oils, combining & storing of oils
*Body Massage
*Meaning of Body Massage & types of massage
*Oils Suitable for massage
*Techniques & Basic movements in Body
*What is Infrared Lamp?
*The Functions & Benefits of Infrared Radiation in Massage
Week 3
*Body Exfoliation/Polishing
*what are Exfoliants
*Herbs & materials In making body scrub & body polish.
*Organic body scrub *Pro mixing body scrub
*Moroccan Bath
*Mud body wrap
*Baby body scrub
*Whitening & lightening body polish, *Anti-ageing body scrub
*Definition of Steam Bath
*Different kinds of Steam Room.
*Body Steaming, functions & benefits of body steaming to the health.
Week 4
*Therapeutics Manicure & Pedicure *Formulation of Body Soaps & Body creams
Week 5
*What is a Spa?
* How to Setup a Spa
*Spa Secret & Health wellness
*How to Operate & Function of Equipment in a Spa.
*Excursion to a Spa
*Week 6
Final Practical & Graduation
Next Training Starts on the 18th of January, 2018.
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