*ARIADNE(my secret lover)* *Chapter 1:Episode 3*

The same 27th of December is Angelina and I wedding anniversary. We do celebrate the anniversary by going on a date and at night, we round it up with an unusual hot sex. We have a maid that help us with the children.

27th of December, 2002 was a day I should regret but as at the time I’m writing this I am not feeling remorseful, maybe because I still love Ariadne. That day was when I saw another version of Ariadne the woman I thought would have no time for shit(if that word is allowed).

On that day, Angelina and I went on a date where we renewed our vows. As usual, we were supposed to have the unusual hot sex that night but when we got home around 8pm I told my wife, Angelina, that I’d give the financial statements to Ariadne and come home immediately. I told her to prepare for the moment as usual.

Angelina is the best when it comes to creating romantic atmosphere. She knows how to make fantasies become real. I love her surprises at every anniversary. On my way to Ariadne’s home I was thinking of nothing more than the fun I was going to have with my wife, Angelina, that night. “it will be another visit to paradise,” I said to myself.

When I got to Ariadne’s home, I punched the door bell as usual but I received no response. I did that like five times but then I noticed a piece of paper affixed to the door knob, so I took it and in it was written, “I’ll be at the veranda Jacob. Come and meet me there.” I pushed the door and I discovered it wasn’t locked. I then entered into the house and headed for the veranda.

At the veranda, I saw Ariadne looking completely messed up. She sat on the floor talking to herself. She was drunk. I tried to help her up but she told me I should sit beside her so she could lean on me. I told her it wasn’t safe for her to sit there while she was drunk. I told her I needed to be with my wife at the moment as she would be waiting for me already. I then carried her forcefully and helped her to her room.

Her room was neatly arranged, so I placed her gently on the bed. I wanted to take my leave when she called my name.

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