​Dear Adesokan Balikis Today is your Day

Today is your birthday, an alert that perhaps new sprouts of grey can be found lurking somewhere in your mop of hair; inconspicuous, silent witnesses to the passing of time.
I look back to the period we met and our enterprise together with renewed understanding that true friendship is no accident. It is destiny. It all seems so faraway from this point. You were ever so keen in your beliefs, had such faith in hard-work and exuded such a strength in character and morals that I knew, even till now, that I would bear testimony some day to the making of the women you’ve become.
I will like to mention few about you, As a well recognise colleagues and a member of class Representative. 

Dear sister, you are more than a genius born with an exceptional potential for creativity; you are the very embodiment of love, kindness and friendship. Your story when told would read like poetry because only you have crafted your narrative through singleminded faith in Allah and your boundless application of self to perfection in whatever endeavour you find yourself.
 I am impressed by the choices you’ve made and the path you’ve set yourself upon. I am also grateful to have you for a friend, a reliable one at that who has demonstrated a deep respect for friendship and what it entails. 
 I wish you a very hearty birthday. Seeing where you have placed God in your life, I am assured he will reward your faith  even more from this wonderful day onwards. 
Do have a very wonderful day today and may happiness never depart from you.
Happy Birthday to you, Adesokan Balikis.
GistNaira TeaM Care

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