Do you know that the two owners state received bailout funds and paris club funds from the federal government with the aim of offsetting salaries but out of wickedness, they diverted the funds to another thing. These largesse was unexpected, un-budgeted, un-provisioned, and unprecedented. It is our hope that the two governors will just release N2b each to LAUTECH from the N28.9b and N35.7b Paris club refunds and windfalls respectively. 
This is a punishable and impeachable offense under law to divert un-budgeted funds to another thing. Hence, the two speakers from both states must be held responsible for the foul play and perpetual injustice from the two governors. 
I hope the great luminary, in person of Femi falana will take note of this to compel the state governments to pay their indebtedness and continue to fund the institution.
It is now crystal clear that no one is preventing forensic audit from taking place. The unions have been vindicated  today through the epistle being released by the management on the current situation. So, this means government have been the one fooling the world and playing to the gallery. 
” According to the management, the contractual issues are yet to be sorted out with Oyo state government. That the Management had indeed confirmed its readiness to cooperate with KPMG knowing fully well that the audit exercise would be in the interest of the university on the long run. 
In view of the above, we confirmed the position of the management very true and that the state government yet to comply with the payment of N96 million  as requested by the KPMG. Hence, I hope people will tarry a while before attacking those living-dead staff who are yet to be paid their salaries or keep accusing them for the audit delay. 
Now that the management have been able to voice out at last, be rest assured that solution is currently at its peak. So, students should see this as a new development to the end of the imbroglio. I know we are getting there, and we shall get there. Amen ! 
Till tomorrow I update on the meeting with Obasanjo and the concerned parents, amongst others, I say gud morning

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