That moment when Nigeria’s independence day celebration becomes home coming celebration in UI, how celebrations change. Eventually, Muslims in UI realized that Ramadan will be completed at home, how budgets change. And today, proposed resumption date has been reduced from July 17th to July 2nd, how plans shatter, dates change figures, how time flies!          On May 29, University of Ibadan issued her students quit notice from halls of residence due to a student protest tagged: “No ID Cards, No Exams”- A protest which sincerely demanded for provision of basic necessities needed for better living from the university’s authority. However, on 23rd June, the University’s senate board decided on a new resumption date contrary to the initially proposed resumption date- from July 17th to 2nd. This has left a shock on students not just because of the new date but because none of the student’s protest demands has been met especially on ID Cards issue. This declaration has inadvertently brought division in the student body. Some students have resolved to ” ID Cards After Exams ” and others still stand by ” No ID Cards No Exams .”             The former believe that using exams as a prey to get attention for our needs in other areas of our life is ridiculous. Examination is an inevitable measure of knowledge and the more we delay our exams, the more our knowledge depreciates which is a major factor for poor performances. And a poor result reduces personal confidence and could be equivalent to a future full of struggles and regrets. They believe after exams students will be more enthusiastic to fight for ID Cards.                    The latter however believe that University is the very last place to figure out the real man in you. A man that should be fearless to conquer corruption, oppression and all ills in our society. They believe that living without ID Cards define UI students as thugs in the outside world. Therefore, this set use the principle of physiotherapy by attacking the weak point of an opponent i.e. by stopping exams if ID Cards are not provided. This is because ‘no exams’ is exactly same as ‘no semester’ or session, so the authorities will be moved to attend to their needs.            This is a masterpiece thug of of war, there must be a winner at either end of the rope. However, my sincere view is that the journey of success is never easy. When a hunter gets to the middle of the forest he is left with two options: He either turns back and remains a failure for the rest of his life or strives onwards and a remain an hero to generations, whether he wins or loses. This proverb is explicit enough to help us decide what group of students to belong. Fight right! Study hard!

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