On several occasions, I have heard the administrators of the University of Ibadan saying
“if you like, go on protest. We are going to send you home and you will beg us to come back”
The Vice Chancellor confirmed this by his reaction towards Ojo Aderemi inaugural speech…
The VC is similar to Buhari who said women belong to kitchen and other rooms. Though, those around Buhari never told him how wrong the statement was, but world leaders mocked him and Nigeria at large. Let the VC travel abroad and tell his colleagues around the world that he shut down the university just because he was not able to provide the ID Cards he collected money for? I am sure he has been mocked outside the country for this, he will come across more mockery in days to come. 
While the University of Ibadan administrators have mismanaged the ID card money paid by Students, they scammed Nigerians that it is the Public Procurement Act that delayed the ID Cards production process. Whereas, Unilag, Futa, OOU and other Universities obeyed the Public Procurement Act and they have given ID Cards to their students for 2016/2017 Academic Session. They should not fool us because they taught us to be smart. 
In a letter sent to the office of the House Secretary dated May 9, 2017. The management gave a report of a meeting the procurement unit, ITems and others had with two students Representatives held on May 5, 2017. In that letter, it was stated that ID cards production will begin and end in June while distribution will start in July. I challenge the University Administrators to show the general public the ID cards they have produced even if they are yet to distribute it. I can beat my chest that they have nothing to show simply because they have misappropriated the ID Cards Money. Who is fooling who??? Well, blowing whistle is allowed, I am sure we have blew that already waiting for the Ministry of Finance to act on it.
This tactics has worked over the years. But at this moment, the tactic is already senile. It won’t work perfectly well again.  Even the general public is against the university has parents comments regarding UI during newspaper review sessions on radio stations show clearly that truly #OlayinkaMisfit. 
 I advise the Progressive minds of the University of Ibadan Senate not to allow the decision of the reactionary in that Senate to stay because the largest Union on campus will challenge that decision in the early days of July. And any shame as regards the backfire of this decision will be on the Senate as a whole. 
Mind you, the Senate might have suspended the SUB, but  they have not successfully suspended the Unionism that lies in the minds of Students. That internal Unionism will challenge the decision of the Senate. This time, there will be Allies across the country #Occupy_UI_July.
Note: UI still owes me #650 for the ID Card I paid for last session which I never got. I will humbly write the University to request for my money because nobody can cheat a revolutionary like me successfully.

Phillip Olatinwo

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