*AREGBESOLA   and AJIMOBI*administration  is working against the will of lives who voted them in power. 

  • *AREGBESOLA and AJIMOBI* administration  is working against the will of lives who voted them in power. We thought they would bring us the needed change but reverse is the case. Your Government is heartless and full of corruption and deceit, you deceived us with your empty promises and cheap propagandas. 
  • Your administration that has done more harm than good to the people. It is amusing that your generation benefitted from the free education OBAFEMI AWOLOWO provided for the generation before you and yet this your administration turn a blind eye and deaf ears to educational sector of the state. There is no doubt that the educational segment of the state has loss its value..
  • •>it is so painful that these governors can provide sadness than joy…
  • •> clueless government that lacks foresight in ruling and satisfying needs of the citizen..
  • •>Shame on your administration that cannot pay salaries..
  • #saveleadersoftomorromfuture
  • ⚖BAMMY⚖
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