Howard Douglas advocate for legislative of drugs because his son dead in a Heroine overdose 

Scott suspended taking drugs 

For  a period of time because he was in prison 

i)Scott died because he was without drugs for a long period of time so his first so His first dose after prison killed him

ii)He died because the drugs contains some impurities called Urine Acetyleodene  

i)Douglas believes drugs should be legalized but it’d supply should be regulated 
ii)He believes addict should be kept in clean and controlled environment in other to duly rehabilitated 

i)An adjectives clause 

5eii. It Describes Mr. Howard Douglas 

Government lacks the political will to tackle the problem of drugs abuse their official family members have not died of drugs abuse 

Young people gets involved in drugs abuse because youth could not cope with the hardship in the world 

i)Staunch- – – – Devoted

is)Firmly – – – – Tightly 

iii)Inquiry – – – – Investigation 

iv)Concedes – – – – admits 

v)Tackle – – – – oppose

vi)Associate – – – – colleagues.

English Eassy
Your are required to answer only one question from this section, Your Answers  should not be less than 450 words.All question carries equal marks. Your are adviced to spend about 45 minutes on this section
(1)The library and debating society of your school is organising a debate on the topic: Poverty and not corruption is the Bane of our society Write your argument for or against the motion
(2) Write an article suitable for publication in a national news paper on the dangers posted by the use of commercial motorcycles in our cities and suggest ways of crubing them
(3) Write a story that best illustrates the saying  A leopard cannot change its spot

(4) Write a letter to the honorable minister  of agriculture on ways of boosting agriculture  in your country

[6/21, 08:17] 2017 NECO ENGLISH ANSWERS

1) One can improve one’s health by forming good habits

2)One’s health can be improved when  he or she eats fresh rather than repacked or fast foods

3)One’s health can be improved by eating moderately rather than excessively to avoid obsesity. 

4)One can improve one’s health by avoiding the consumption of foods which have been stripped of much of their nutritional value. 

5)One can also improve health by drinking plenty of water daily especially during hot weather and when doing heavy physical work and exercise.

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