Don’t lose hope yet, LAUTECH may resume before the end of July. 

Dear All

We’ve been able to gather information that the governments are expecting the submission of the Audit report this month ending. 
The information further has it that; the reason for the audit report is to know how much subventions is needed. 
While we look forward to July ending with a positive mind that something would be done miraculously, we advise every one not to relent in supporting #FundLAUTECH on social media. The active support will not only embarrass the governments but put them on a toe of race for a quick solution. 
MTN is already showing interest for support by requesting for formal proposal, and amongst others. 
Also, it is good to know that the #FundLAUTECH initiative is gradually attracting both local and international attention. The information we received yesterday about the live broadcast of the initiative by CNN on Saturday is laudable. This is to tell that the #FundLAUTECH initiative is moving. 
More so, the Alumni body will be meeting the great SAN, in person of Femi FALANA today on a serious note to let the governments know that they are not taking the issue of LAUTECH with hands of levity. Though, some may not fully be in support of this due to a belief that the case will take longer than expected, but is good to let you know that the arrowhead of the National Alumni body, in person of Babajide Bewaji is a man of a great intellect going by his portfolio. 

Don’t forget that the boldly step is just one out of the seven steps already shortlisted for quick and permanent solution. Furthermore, the Alumni body also await a join sitting at the national assembly and may likely visit channels TV this week for a live program on a rescue mission. 

GistNaira TeaM Cares

Instead of giving ourselves headache, let’s keep praying…

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