As an eyewitness, the event captured a large turn out of parents with lot of exhaustive deliberation aiming at providing temporary and permanent solution. 
Several ideas were raised but amongst the touching one is the suggestion of a naked protest being raised by an old woman and ready to go on street anytime for the sake of her children liberation. She therefore received a thunderous clap with maximum support for her submission. 
 Another suggestion was raised again suggesting an audience with the two governors through a letter. But as much as some people were able to welcome the idea, countless numbers kicked against it in an open voices that none of them would honor the letter because countless had already been sent without response. 
After lot of deliberation, a progressive way forward was reached;
1. That letter should be written for an audience and if no response come forth within 7 days, actions should set forth. 

  1. That an attempt should be made for another meeting in other areas like osun, oyo, ogun, etc

  2. That a press conference should be organized by next-week

  3. That radio stations like Ajilete and parrot fm should be visited today for announcement. 
    Meanwhile the idea of fund LAUTECH initiative was highly welcome with large number of people supporting the initiative except some few people with concern on its long sustainability and how to make their contribution in ogbomoso since fidelity bank is not in the town or near by. 
    However, there was a response that a solution would be made within two weeks. 
    Log on to parrot FM at 5pm for an exclusive interview by the parents representatives and as well monitor Ajilete FM today !

GistNaira TeaM

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