Spalletti Regrets ‘dividing’ Roma and Totti

Spalletti regrets ‘dividing’ Roma and Totti
Luciano Spalletti hopes Roma can be reunited around new boss Eusebio Di Francesco after admitting he played a divisive role around Francesco Totti’s departure.
Spalletti was confirmed as Inter head coach this week, having led Roma to third and second-place finishes in Serie A in the past two seasons.
It was his second spell in charge of the capital club but the decision to marginalise veteran forward and modern great Totti became on ongoing saga, even if Roma’s results on the field vindicated Spalletti’s decision. 
“In Rome, I had become the one that divided rather than united. There was this problem on the management of Totti.
“I came to see this contrast – the love for the most important player prevailed on the support and affection that we had to have for the team.
“In not being able to put the two things together, I did not do my job well. These two things must go hand in hand.”

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