*The Vice Chancellor Betrayed Our Trust.*

The Vice Chancellor Betrayed Our Trust.

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Ojo Aderemi Speaks:



“Casper, a National Executive of NANS facilitated a discussion between the Vice Chancellor and myself. I was in company of members of the Union’s Executive Committee when Casper invited me to NISER Park (Opposite the Senate Chambers, where we held a meeting earlier in the day) at about 11pm. I hope Casper will write his own side of the story too. He was seated with two other persons on the back seat of the Vice Chancellors’ car.

The Vice Chancellor noticed my tiredness too. It was a heart to heart discussion. He drove me to Oduduwa road and my friends protested. They thought I would be handed over to the Police. Mr Vice Chancellor asked for my stand and especially on how we can avoid the impending imbroglio. I made a three-in-one submission: Official Declaration On The Use Of Hotplate As Provided For By The Law, The Unjustly Expelled, Rusticated Or Suspended Students Should Have Their Cases Reviewed And Be Allowed To Write Exams, And A Formal Address Of The Congress On The Issue Of ID Card. On this note, he requested that the planned protest should be delayed till 10am and that I should put a call through to him in the morning for him to communicate the Registrar on the official release on use of hotplate. As for the unjustly treated students writing exams, he said Yes they can write exams provided they have registered for this session. All of these, He promised on his honour.

I felt the stress of having to coordinate a movement of thousands of students wouldn’t be necessary.

I called the Vice Chancellor at about 6:45am while I was at Azikiwe Hall but he was not picking. I sent him a message. Herein attached is a copy of that message;

Hello Sir

This is Ojo Aderemi, the Students’ Union President.

I wish to remind you of our discussion yesterday Sir. I plead with you Sir.

Good morning to you Sir

Till this very moment, the only time we communicated was when he affirmed the postponement of the exams and closure of halls of residence till July 17′

Full Story Coming Soon.

Ojo Aderemi
President, University of Ibadan Students Union (2016/2017 Session)

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