I Would Like to Enter Messi’s brain

‘I would like to enter Messi’s brain’ – Guardiola

awed by one of the most gifted athletes of all time
Pep Guardiola believes Lionel Messi is one of the most ‘gifted’ athletes in history, and would like to ‘enter his brain’ to understand how he handles pressure.

Messi is reportedly close to signing a new long-term contract at Camp Nou and Guardiola said the way the Argentina international handles an extreme level of expectation places him among history’s sporting elite.
“He is one of the most privileged, gifted athletes of all time,” Guardiola told Catalunya Radio .
“I would like to enter his brain and find out how he can withstand the pressure like he has, with both Barcelona and Argentina on his back.
“The whole world expects him to score three goals and set up three goals in every match. The other players know that they have Messi on their side and will rely on him.”

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