*How To Succeed In A State Of Calamity*

How To Succeed In A State Of Calamity

By GistNaira TeaM

“A life without adversity could be very boring and no one ever lived such” – Ademola Adetunji

We all have the mindset of being successful but a lot of us find it difficult to nurture our dreams with persistence, and after few trials without succeeding , most people “QUIT”.

Truth be told, to achieve greatness, it does not matter where you were born or to whom, the only obstacle is the mindset that leads individuals to greatness.

Have you discovered your aim? Then, prepare for adversity as a learning process towards reaching your destination.

“I know the society do not expect you to make it, the government don’t care about your future, they toy and joke around making rules and laws that only affect you and benefit the rich. You lack everything it requires to become who you might have loved to be, do the things you would have loved to do or to live the life you may have seen on TV or the internet, which I know you even have limited access to because there’s never power supply for such, which means you are deprived most of the things that can be learnt through TV and internet in the first place which makes your dreams smaller, quicker to fade away but I want you to know that darkness you are, without the dark, the stars won’t shine and so you can shine out if that darkness.” – Ray Hushpuppi

Do you have a dream? It does not have expiration date, you are not supposed to cry, knowing that nobody would listen, so rise from the hood and decide to do the things your forefathers never did.

Try to cross the sea, walk through burning bushes, jump over thorns and babbed wire.

Things will never change until you leave your comfort area, leap, jump, walk, run, chase, move and push aggressively.

Never mind, you will step on toes and be criticized negatively, when all these events happen in your life, just look around the corner, success awaits you.

Why? It is when you focus on your focus that you yourself becomes a focus.

NB: When you are a focus, you will be the subject of people’s discussion.

Mind you, you don’t need to hear good comment from everybody for all you need to win an election is just 50% + 1 and the other 49% will speak ill against you because you are two or more steps ahead of them.

Keep moving, dreams don’t have expiration date.

Good morning friends

Adejumo Kabir,
A Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst
#Wisdom Nuggets
Obafemi Awolowo University
5th of June, 2017.
GistNaira TeaM

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