Where is Nigeria Education Going To

University of Ibadan closed,
Lautech Ogbomoso closed,
Oyo State College of Agriculture,Igbo-ora closed,
Emmanuel Alayande College of Education closed!
WAEC results 2016: Oyo comes 26th, groping hesitantly behind conflict-ridden Borno. Someone is actively promoting mass illiteracy,probably preparing the grounds for SouthWest Boko haram high command!
I heard this stupidly, arrogant and selfish Governor is coming to Iwajowa sometime soon for the commissioning of the only archived project he boast of ( water plant supplication).
Their so called party members will ignorantly welcome him with open and warm arms instead of frowning against his actions and deed, they won’t because they only know what’s best for their pockets.
Will it be out of place to find this discombobulated Governor and obligingly
greet him with stones?
What’s Ajumobi’s legacy in Oyo State?
He’s only destroying the legacy and future of the youths and the so called party leaders are too old or maybe too blind to see these things.
We need actively and like minded youths to force up and spit out their minds.
If you fail to speak, you might be the next victim of this oppression.
Don’t keep quite!!!!!

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