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Whatever decision you are making on earth, think twice because power is toxicative in nature
those that love you, voted for you to be at the helms of their people, are the people that give you trial and it cost them nothing to withdraw their loyalty within a twinkles of eyes.
EKITI is a mono-ethnic political state in Nigeria with obvious character that characterise us as an elites with predominant of masses that are 88% depends on government intervention.
Ayo fayoose, was jointly elected due to perceived lapses from APC leading administration, by June 21/2014 state gubernatorial election that brought him back to office on Oct. 14/2014, he hath trying to strive from several storm before today, he’s trying to Re structure the state affair base on his perspective and ideology, but as a flower amidst the storms, he find it harder the more he trying but he gains the support of masses.

       Ayo fayose and fuel marketer. 

This face off fuel scarcity have been pre-occupant Ekiti state, for the past one month due to egoism by the both party, which is mainly politicise as a preparation toward 2018 state gubernatorial election of the state.

   The implication of this face off in the state economics. 

Though, the state counter are not fully affected due to fuelled availability from naightbouring state(kogi, Ondo, osun, and Kwara state to be precise) but some indigene has find this as an ultimate opportunity to make wealth by engaging themselves in fuel smuggling, meanwhile the fuel industry in the state are under lock and key all this while which may either directly or indirectly affecting the welfare of their staff, and payment of their loan.

           APC and PDP 

As a mono_ethnic political state, we are easily tolerant to the situation, because the problem that affect one community affect all community in one way or the other, and according to how one of my brothers believe on polities, “rolling a big stone to block the way of your enemy” APC have seen this as an opportunity to restrengthened their weakness, while the ruling party under the leadership Ayo fayoose, are weaken gradually in the heart of Ekiti indigene, peradventure things may turn around to favour the strongest opposition party in the state, or if the ruling party can be sensitive to amend their by bending the protocol to give way for the fuel marketer to resolve the difference and made the way for the peace and convenience of commuter know the state.

       My advice to Mr governor

what I believe is that nobody can be neutral without political affiliation either you’re blood member or sympathiser of a political parties (PDP or APC etc), as your quotation from Donald Trump sir “American people first” let Ekiti people come first to you as a leader of the state by compromising your stand to the fuel marketer (gentlelity not densility) let their be fair hearing, and safety of the land

              To the marketer. 

You must make your business to the posterity of the land, of Ekiti, to do this you are to be a law abiding citizen, by paying back to the land of which you’re making your ends, I must tell you this to your hearing that government is all about continuity, if the government of the days can’t achieve this stated agenda that lead to grudges another government will surely achieve either of the same political platform or nor federal objective must be observed by whom so ever. Sir help us to consider the peace of the land as we need.

      To the masses of Ekiti.

My fellow Ekitite, let continue to pray, and exercise patient and also trying advise this two parties, and we should not stand as provocative measured to this issue but medium of settlement and agent of peace, during this period in the state. God bless Ekiti
God bless Nigeria
Socialist Babatee.

GistNaira TeaM

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