Greatest Nigerian Students !!!, It is audible to the deaf that the two visitors (i.e, Oyo State Government and Osun state Government) are not deeply concerned about the academic stability of our Great institution , (LAUTECH).

Obviously, the state government of Osun is committed to the funding of Osun State University and the Oyo State government has just approved a state technical university, hence we cannot say they are not committed to tertiary education.

At this critical point, I want us to take note of the fact that it will be highly difficult for the two states government to fund more than one university because Nigeria is seriously experiencing an economic melt down.

I think the question on our mind now should be : Who will fund LAUTECH?

As we all know that we did not need a century to effect changes all we need is an effective preparation to provoke unusual transformation; the situation of LAUTECH is becoming unusual and as such we have decided to take a brave step towards total liberation for our great citadel.

In an attempt to permanently solve the problem of our institution, we have decided to mobilize to the federal capital tertiary , Abuja to seek for greener pasture. The primary aim of the movement is to seriously agitate for A TOTAL TAKE OVER of the institution by the Federal government of Nigeria as it appears to be only permanent solution to the problem that has been facing our institution for decades.
A tree cannot make a forest and a man cannot make a Nation; that is why a survey titled “FGN TAKES OVER LAUTECH” has been designed to seek the opinion of our fellow Ladokites.

As a student of knowledge, we know that this might take some time but a journey of a thousand miles start with a step in the right direction and as such first step will be a massive management to Abuja on the 6th of June, 2017.

The June 6 movement is expected to bring a lasting solution to the problem facing our institution and as such I will urge all LADOKITES to be actively involved in the mass action as we all know that a drop of water cannot form an ocean.

We shall sleep nor slumber until our good is better and our better is best.

Yours in Nation Building,
Gen. Isaa Frank Olawale
SEC GEN, NANS , AXIS , OYO. 09032338625

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