Body of Mane Garrincha ‘Disappears’ from Cemetery

Body of Mané Garrincha ‘disappears’ from cemetery


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Sadly, we forget our idols very easily. It is not known where the body of one of the greatest football players of all time is buried, and this is proof of the inability to respect our own values 

The relatives of Garrincha, an idol of Botafogo and the Brazilian team, revealed on Wednesday to the Extra newspaper that the Municipal Cemetery of Raiz da Serra, in the district of Pau Grande, in Magé, in the Baixada Fluminense does not know where the remains are Mortal of the ex- player, died in 1983. 

The cemetery administration believes that the body of the greatest dribbler of all time may have been lost during an exhumation process.


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There is, however, no record of exhumation of Garrincha in the archives of the site. 

There are two tombs as the idol name in the Cemetery of Magé: the first is collective, where Garrincha and other relatives were buried, and another built in 1985 by the city council, which marked the point with an obelisk.

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