The country state of agony has provoked me to the extent of putting down something. Without much Ado, I want everybody to know a fact that it is not a matter of president Muhammad Buhari resigning.According to Dr. Sleem he said “Nigerians will still vote into power a fool”. But this can be prevented if we put into consideration all what will be stated in this article for a better Nigeria.

First on my plethora of reasons, Nigerians are not well educated for the fact that we still have ‘ignoramus’ in this country imaging an undergraduate of this great nation unable to spell correctly the word ‘Nigeria’. You can only disagree with me if you have not seen such before. According to Lord Brougham who on the British house of lord on January 29, 1828 ” Education makes people easy to lead, difficult to drive, easy to govern but not possible to be enslaved”. How accurate is this quote on the face of this great nation whereby the level of literate is less than that of the illiterate. We will never be enslaved by our leader elected if we are well educated in this country and Diogene said and I quote “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth”. So, for a better Nigeria we the youth as a lot to do by building a good foundation to strengthen this state through education in all form of learning.

 Secondly, corruption as hitted the nation making us to all live in desperation ‘Dagrin’. The issue of corruption is a severe problem declining the country national development and it is as clear as the virgin spring to all Nigerians. Corruption issue is causing a babel of emotion to foreign countries making them to view our country as a Nation full of comedians due to the corruption news every seconds of the day. I am aware of this through a quote of David Cameron “If the amount of money stolen from Nigeria in the last 30 years was stolen from the UK,the UK would cease to exist”. What a woe, in a state of hardship our leaders voted into power enjoying brunch and dinner with relish and delicacy whereas we the followers, are in gruesome glee in a state of hunger. The government should note that Nigerians are not fools but just siting you until you enter the digged pit. In a country of intellectuals, our governors were given bail out twice and paris fund to ameliorate workers condition in the state by paying salaries and arrears but Alas, some of this governors used the money for something they can’t account for e.g the states governors controlling Lautech used the money for MMM. We can’t blame forth our leaders alone let change begins with everyone of us also.

More so, we must all come together in raising our declined national development to standard because if right people keep mute to national development, the wrong people will rule and dictate over the so called professors. Which is now happening in this country. To have a better Nigeria, we must all inhibit the spirit of leadership by participating in politics as Adesope Femi has said in his recent article politics is a dirty game, though may be dirty when played by dirty people. However, it could also be cleansed to be clean, when played by good people. Your own contribution will determine how it will be. And let us have it in mind the cost of everything including your Garri, your Bread, your petroleum and even your salary and every other cost of living is determined solemnly by politics. 

  It is time we come to our senses, it is time we voice out together in this country. With all this cogent aforementioned being putted into practice, the Impossible which says I’m Possible would occur for a better Nigeria. 

GistNaira TeaM


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