After much thorough investigations, it was gathered that at around 7:52pm GMT, about 10 hefty guys broke into Fajuyi hall block 3, room 303 like hoodlums/louts  to throw out the occupants of the room who were relaxing after the activities of the day. It was like a nightmare as the Social Director of OAUSU broke into the room as well with fury in the company of the General Secretary of the Security Committee of  Fajuyi Hall  claiming that he has been taken for granted following  the fact that he has already given order that the occupants of the room should vacate before hand due to the fact that the room has already been allocated to him as the Social Director of OAUSU but the occupants insisted on seeing a slip as an evidence before they could vacate the room.
In order not to be biased and one sided, interviews were conducted with  the occupant of the room who happened to be the victim of the harassment. In his words….
“I was informed by the guy beside my room around 2pm when I got back from church  that some guys came around and said they have been allocated the space. About 30mins after the Fajuyi Hall Chairman accompanied by two strange guys came to my room and said the room has been allocated to the Union, I asked which of the beds and he said the whole room. I asked for the slips from the guys that came with him, he said they will bring it later, He further added that the room was allocated to Lamba The Social Director of the SU, claiming that they will bring the slips later. He further added that the two guys with him were friends of lamba and that they were the ones that would be occupying the spaces. I told them that I needed time and that if they bring the slips, I  could leave by Tuesday as the whole scenario were so strange and confusing to me. I collected Lamba’s number from Faj Hall Chairman. Later in the evening I called Lamba and I pleaded with him that I needed time to pack but he insisted that his “friends” were moving in by Monday evening. So I was like he should please be patient with me that we are all students and we were the ones that elected him because we trusted him and his judgement. Lamba did not listen to what I was saying, he was like I should wait for him and if he meets me there by Monday evening that he will throw me and my properties out. Sincerely I was very scared by that statement. Lamba hung up on me. I called Lamba back to plead further with him, I begged him to please give me time and he placed my call on hold for about a minute because I refused to cut the call. Then he cut the call himself. After this I called the faj hall chairman to help me plead with Lamba to give me time to move out, I acknowledged their authority and I pleaded with faj hall chairman to please help me speak with Lamba to give me some time.
On Monday evening at around 6:15pm I saw some missed calls from strange number and my friend that was in the room, he told me that some guys came around with a slip to claim the whole room. So I got to the room and around 7:30pm the same strange guys came around and said they’ve come to move in. They presented a slip with the matric number AEC/2014/012 that wasn’t signed nor stamped and I told them that the slip hasn’t been signed nor stamped which meant they haven’t cleared the space at potter’s lodge that I can’t just vacate a room that hasn’t been officially cleared as the space could have possibly been revoked from the portal. 

At about 7:52pm about 10 hefty guys barged into the room among them was Lamba himself (coming for the first time) , the General Secretary of Fajuyi Hall Security Committee and some strange guys. They came in like hoodlums, they almost destroyed my Friend’s PC who happen to be a press man saying that they were going to throw us out of the room. I asked Lamba for the slip he kept saying he had it but refused to produce it They didn’t listen to whatever I had to say, they said they had the directive of Madam DSA to in quote “throw us out of the room”. Lamba at a point pushed me on my shoulder, I asked him, “do you want to beat me  up?” He said yes he can, that I took him for granted and made him go through stress.

Pls note Lamba came for the first time that evening and he even came without a slip.”
After much investigations, it was discovered that the guys sent to come and occupy the room actually bought the space as one of them confessed that they bought it.
Reporting: GistNaira TeaM

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