But why ? What is our crime ? And who did we offend to deserve this ? Students have always double their efforts to prevent another round of strike but seems the best are not enough. Time without numbers, we’ve staged different form of protest, media engagement, and above it all, we’ve resorted in different approach of dialogues and appeal to make things work out, but seems all are non effective. Argh, what is the way out ?
My heart bleeds when I ruminate over certain things. I don’t know why LAUTECH is so unlucky to be witnessing this kind things at its age. I don’t just know and i cant even think of  any reason. 
Now that Asuu is set to embark on a full blown strike due to the approval the union got from  National level during the NEC meeting they held at Tai solarin university in upper weekend, i wonder what becomes the fate of Ladokites.
 Meanwhile, JAC executives held a meeting today at 750lth with a lot of inscrutable countenance before and after the meeting. The reason for this may not be far-fetched from the non payment of salaries. 
It is unarguable that the UNIONS’ agitation for now is payment of salary to sustain a livelihood. The feelings has always been that government should pay 2- 3 months or possibly a life line while the audit is going on for the finalists and others to graduate and promote to another level. But seems reverse is the case and may likely left the Union with no choice than to embark on a full blown strike. As a student, what do you expect from a staff that find it very difficult to sustain a livelihood ? It would have even been good if there is money to convey themselves to school on daily basis let alone having the energy to work. Except that you are ready to fuel their cars and also give them food. It is just so sad that many of the staff are now selling their cars amongst other items for survival. And at the same time, what would be the reward or compensation to the students that are being affected, especially those that’ve been very active in struggle ? 
I ask, how wont Oyo and Osun states be consumed by the anger of the students as a result of the governors negligence ? And how will the two states be transformed if the two governors continued to neglect LADOKITES in the scheme of things ? Sometimes, candour and youthful excitement can cause as much harm as the most venal form of corruption.
Recall that the Unions have been in a skeletal strike since couple of days. The reason is not because the staff is scared to embark on a full blown strike but because they are not ready to allow the school to be grounded. But how long will they sustain this in an unfriendly atmosphere where 90% of them are languishing or struggling to survive. 
The ASUU No pay, No work has a time limit which can not lapse more than a month. So, it is either Asuu stylishly embark on a 3days ANC and later embark on another month of No pay No work or resort into a full blown strike as they’ve got approval from national body during the NEC meeting at Tai solarin University in upper weekend. 

Till next i write on the proposed controversial increment of the school fees and the motive behind the widely  circulated retrenchment of workers by the governments, it is good to put a poser to you all.
1. Do you agree with AJIMOBI that education is not for the poor people ? (

  1. Do you really believe AREGBESOLA is incapacitated ?

  2. Will you subscribe to the opinion that chancellorship is an honorary position, and as such, TINUBU should not be drag into LAUTECH crises or to say, should not be expected to pay some debts as MKO Abiola did during his own time ?

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