(After The Submission of The Panel’s Report to Member Unions) 


 By: GistNaira TeaM 
“I’m still interested but I’m incapacitated to finance LAUTECH” – Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola and why did you sign the treaty?. “We cannot pay staffs salaries with #70000 as tuition fees for undergraduates in LAUTECH” – Senator Isiaka Ajimobi and yet you established the techncial university. Blind leaders; your democracy gifts……..

Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun cancelled the “Democracy Day Walk to Live” and opted in for the over-sighting of state projects because he wants to show the good people of Ogun State that “Democracy Day” is not only about celebration but citizens need to see and appreciate its dividends as well.

Such event repeated itself as well in Osun and Oyo States respectively where Ajimobi and Aregbesola sent a copy of the controversial visitation panel and technical committee report to serve as the dividends of democracy to the staffs, students, officials, students’ parents, guardians and the good people of Ogbomosho at large.

First and foremost, I’m an indigene of Osogbo in Osun State. I’m not only an indigene but active participant in her grassroots politics and my self-positive role towards the winning of Aregbesola in my street, polling-unit and ward makes me a certified wailer of his failures. Few years ago, I was a die-hard fan of his administration deeply moved by his campaign strategies but I never knew that Aregbesola is a masquerade who did not only cover his face with mask but covered his identity as a cruel, despotic and ruthless leader. I was moved by his passion for free, standard and quality education and his constant ranting about the ills of the education sector convinced me totally that our generation at last have seen the rebirth of Awolowo and the need to sustain his legacy is essential. Nothing is more disgraceful than the disappearance of humility, collective interest of the majority and sustenance of one’s legacy at the test of power. Let us leave the Koseleri of Oyo state and focus more on a man I voted for in 2014.

Secondly, the visitation panel’s report is out and it has been reviewed by the technical committee set-up by both visitors. A careful look at the report, you will be moved to shed tears and pondered heavily on why it took the panel or committee several months to produce such report and you will be left with no choice than to sympathize with the hopeless, the helpless and the neglected students of LAUTECH.

Thirdly, the visitation panel’s report stated and recommended that undergraduates need to pay the sum of #80000 as indigenes for tuition fee while non-indigenes need to pay the sum of #90000 as tuition fee to revive the dying institution. The technical committee that was set-up by both visitors few weeks after the first release of the visitation panel’s report for the purpose of reviewing stated and recommended that undergraduates need to pay the sum of #300000 per academic session and its least consideration is 50% of the said amount in which both visitors agreed on.

Less I forget the agitation of member unions that visitors must pay subventions and settlement of debts led to the creation of visitation panel and technical committee rather than both visitors to settle their outstanding debts, they chose to play politics with the life of 35000+ students.

Few hours ago, I chatted with the ASUU Chairman of this institution, Dr. Olaniran Biodun to seek the opinion of ASUU on the released visitation panel’s report in which he stated clearly that “On Thursday, 1st June, 2017, the report will be discussed at the congress and the association will make known her stand through her official release but he is confident that his opinion will be in line with the opinion of the congress that LAUTECH can never sustain as an independent body without subventions and they are saying a big NO to increase or hike in school fees”.

Without much ado, LAUTECH has suffered greatly in the hands of the so called “progressives” especially the “uniform-wearing” governor of my state. I need someone to inform Aregbesola that ladokites are tired of his pretence and there is no need for him to dress like the poor, the masses and the less privileged to convince the gullible and ignorant ones. The present state of LAUTECH calls for sober reflection and despite 11months spent at home; there is no flashlight to prepare minds of students towards resumption. The same LAUTECH Ojuyobo and his boys graced her convocation not only to launch campaign trains but to boast of her excellence has turned to a “go no area” to them.

It is very important to note that no single block has been placed on LAUTECH soil not to talk of developmental projects and yet they find it hard and difficult to pay up subventions and workers’ salaries. Past governments did not only pay up salaries and steady subventions but contributed towards the infrastructural development of this institution. If the tagged “regressives” could be responsible and ensured that LAUTECH felt the dividends of democracy and good governance; it’s better to stay with the regressives with dividends than the progressives with emptiness.

If truly Aregbesola is wise, smart, intelligent and generous as opined by his followers then I’m more disappointed that despite all these attributes, LAUTECH problems still unresolved. In the eyes of Aregbesola, education moved from free education to affordable and yet it will be on record that your administration contributed towards making education available for the rich because poor students who came to LAUTECH with the hope of paying #65000; I have no idea of how they will survive and Senator Adeleke is dead with his bursary and scholarship programmes.

Yoruba elders and wise saying “Ti owo ko ba si ni ile, ki eni keni ma se da ba”. Aregbesola should stop playing on our intelligence atleast Gov. Ambode does not wear uniform, dance on stage and LASU tuition fee is #25000 or maybe Aregbesola is a fulfilment of this golden sentence “Thug without honour or royalty”.

As member unions reject visitation panel’s report with 75% probability, obstinacy of visitors not to fund this institution, gates of LAUTECH remained closed and ladokites running helter-skelter with no defined destination; remember to pray for LAUTECH because I believe it is never too late for God to save us from the politics of these selfish and clueless visitors.

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