White Paper on LAUTECH: 10 important recommendations.


White Paper on LAUTECH: 10 important recommendations.

  1. Capital grants to be provided by the owner states *BUT* subvention to be terminated based on reality on the ground.
  2. Satellite campus to be established in Osun State to balance infrastructural inequality.
  3. Exchange program to be created with foreign universities
  4. Tuition fees to be: for Undergraduate (N150,000 minimum),  PGD (N180,000 minimum), 

    MSc (N250,000 minimum) ,
    PhD (N300,000 minimum).
    These are for the indigenes.

  5. Fund raising to be conducted for LAUTECH
  6. All management programmes to be scrapped
  7.  Sales of handouts to be prohibited.
  8. Conditions of service to be reviewed.
  9. Immediate past Governing Council was parasitic. Hence, nomination to Governing council to be based on commitment to serve, technical competency, and expected value to be added rather than political consideration.
  10. Action to be taken against staff members who were granted study leave and refused to honour the agreement.

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