Do you know that the person you fight with today might turn to be your helper tomorrow ? Just like the person that ridiculed you today might end up in need of your service. So, please and please, everyone should forget their differences and focus more rescuing the institution. 
It may sound too correct that LAUTECH is under terrestrial power which only need a supernatural power to contain it.   But that being the case, we students should not be allowed to be affected or hypnotized. 
For goodness sake, we have been in same level since 2015, so it wont be right if we start pointing fingers at each other.

No matter what, let’s us commend those that have taken their time to protest and fight for the school and at the same time, spent their money to rescue the institution either individually or by group. I pray God reward and bless them.
Though, there will always be a mixed reaction as regard any action, but let not capitalize on the weak side but rather adulate them in their good side. I know and i believe none is perfect and as such, we are bound to make mistake. 

Please and please, let all remember that we are one. Who knows may be that person you wish to fight would be the one there for you tomorrow ? Please let embrace peace and harmony. 

Virtually everybody is frustrated about the present situation, and is high time we come together as one. Why ? Because unity is the only strength. 
For goodness sake, students from other institutions are advancing while we remain stagnant. This pain a lot and often wells up suicidal tendency in some of us. Because for how long do we need to be in one level ? 
Pls let put our differences behind us. 
One love ! 
God bless you 

GistNaira TEAM

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