-auxin and gibberellins
-tseTse-fly and cattle
-locus, camel lizard and snakes
-contractile vacoule
-initiating clothing
-soften the leaf
-low salinity
-vibro sp
-reduction of carbon(IV) oxide
-cooling system
-onion bulb
-cooling system
-binary fission
-porosity and aeration
-colour blindness
-xylem and phloem
-fissured bark
-escape detection
-lond, slender and slightly curved
-exchange surface
-axis and atlas
-structural adaptation
-weight, finger prints and body shape

-Group O can donate to groups A, B and AB but cannot receive

-1440 j
-60 N
-density bottle
-standing on one foot on tip-toe
-II and IV only
-is required to change 1g of ice to water at its melting point
-the earth’s magnetic flux density is equal and opposite to that of their magnet
-silvered walls
-77 uC
-have a high freezing point
-two warm air masses meet
-it enables vehicles to stop
-0.875 A
-area of the planet
-local action
-concave lense
-slip rings on the axle
-electrochemical equivalent
-the moon
-high voltage and high current
-it is increased

-0.57 A

-2.0 J
-clinical thermometer
-pressure exerted is higher with a narrow heel shoe than a flat heel shoe
-latent heat
-I and III
-a body experience no decreases in its deceleration when it moves freely upwards
-specific heat capacity
-apparent expansivity
-360 x/¥
-wood – function
-total internal reflection
-mean free path
-cylindrical lens spectacle
-saturated vapour pressure
-water is a bad conductor of heat
-has wide field of view
-lead – acid accumulator
-II only
-impurity atoms
-I,Ii & III
-efficiency is 100%
-the split rings are replaced with slip rings
-increase the energy stored
-100 ohm
-frequency of incident radiation


– x³/3 + 3x²/2 – 5x + k
– 4.45 × 10–3
-pair of parallel lines each opposite to PQ
– -6sin2x – 4cos4x
-{2, }
– -4x³ + 8x² – 5x + 3
– -2<x<3
– 10! / 4!2!2!
– 1/2
– (2x-1)(x+3)
– 1/6
– (²-5/3 –¹1)
-(11 20 || 5 -4 )
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