Shocking! Vice Principal Impregnates 16- Yr- Old Student In Niger

The Vice Principal of Government Day
Secondary School, Tunga-Minna, Niger
State, Malam Mohammed Kuyizhi, has
appeared before the state’s Child Rights
Protection Agency, over the pregnancy of
a 16-year-old student.
Kuyizhi is accused of impregnating the girl,
who is a junior student in the school.
Hajia Mariam Kolo, the Director-General of
the agency, who presided over the case on
Wednesday in Minna, said that the matter
was reported to the agency by a teacher,
after the girl’s guardian informed the
school that her ward was pregnant for the
Kolo said that the agency, after receiving
the report, sent an invitation letter to the
accused to come and defend himself. She
said that the case would be transferred to
the state Criminal Investigation Department
for further investigation.
“Already, the victim has been taken to the
hospital for medical examination; we shall
make sure she gets justice,” she said.
Kolo quoted the victim as telling the agency
that the accused was a very close friend to
her guardian and had consistently visited
their (victim’s) home.
“The girl also said that the accused had $ex
with her three times in his office. She
further said that she was always given
between N50 and N100 for her transport,
after the affair with the teacher,” Kolo said.
The Director-General further quoted the
minor as accusing the teacher of giving her
some pills after she informed him of the
pregnancy, but that she threw them away.
She said that the girl, however, confessed to
taking the pills when they were offered to
her a second time. According to Kolo, the
girl experienced severe pains after taking
the pills, forcing her to inform her
Kuyizhi admitted to the $exual affair, but
claimed that the girl seduced him into the
act. He also told the agency that he
penetrated the girl, but did not release
semen and could not, therefore, be
responsible for the pregnancy.
Kuyizhi, however, pleaded with the agency
for leniency and promised to take
responsibility for the pregnancy.

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