JAMB 2017 UTME Registration To Commence In 2 Weeks

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JAMB 2017 UTME Registration To
Commence In 2 Weeks
The Registrar of the Joint Admission And
Matriculation Board, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede has
disclosed that the 2017 UTME registration will
commence within the next two weeks.
He further mentioned that the examination itself
will be coming up later in May so it won’t clash
with any SSCE examinations, and help the board
check any form of malpractice, especially
upgrading of results.
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Jamb 2017 Date
Just last month, Jamb met with waec and Neco
bodies to decide suitable date for 2017 UTME.
The meeting had already been held and the date
agreed between both exam bodies.
And at such the general public are hereby
informed that the 2017 UTME is scheduled to
hold in May 2017.
Actual dates will be announced soon. T he
Registrar, Joint Admission and Matriculation
Board (JAMB), Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Tuesday
hinted that the body would soon commence the
sale of the application form for the 2017 Unified
Tertiary Matriculation Examination(UTME).
Quickly create your Jamb profile below.
Jamb Releases 2017 Pre-
UTME Registration
Jamb has released 10 Guidelines for the 2017
Jamb registration. See them:
1. Candidates are expected to have a valid
email address. This will be used to create
individual profiles on the portal. Emails are free
to get, so if you don’t have one, you can create
a free email at gmail.com .
2. Candidates 10 fingers will be captured for
Biometrics. So get your fingers ready.
3. Candidates now have the option of choosing
two 1st Degree institution, and any two of ND,
NCE or IEI. Candidates can also make their
choices to be four IEI or 3 NCE and 1 of ND or
4. Candidates will also be required to get their
O’Level results ready, as they will be uploading
these during the registration.
5. There will be no sales of scratch cards for
the registration. Mode of payment will be
communicated to you soon.
6. Cyber cafés will not be allowed to render
services on behalf of JAMB. So please visit
ONLY JAMB accredited centres.
7. JAMB will provide simplified steps to ease
registration to the public soon. This promises to
be a seamless exercise
8. Candidates should please request to have a
personal profile created for you. DO NOT allow
the centres to use their profiles for you.
9. Candidates now have the option of selecting
different exam years and exam type when
combining their O’Level results.
10. you can create your 2017 UTME profile with
simple steps.
Note: Candidates with awaiting results can
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Create Jamb profile Now
Jamb has made it compulsory for candidates to
create profile. Before you apply for Jamb 2017,
you must register your Jamb profile. It is after
creating Jamb profile that you can apply for
Jamb and even check your admission status.
Create your Jamb profile.
Compulsory: Create your Jamb profile here now
by using this link
How much is Jamb 2017 Form?
The price for Jamb 2017 form was earlier
announced by the Joint admission board. It is
The Novels To Be Read For 2017
Jamb Use Of English?
All candidates are going to be tested based on a
general book which is to be made available to
all candidates and the name of the book is ;
“The Last Days at Forcados High School.” by A.
H. Mohammed.
How do I get Jamb Syllables?
You can download Jamb syllabus and hot topics
for all subjects by following the link below.
DOWNLOAD : Jamb syllabus and hot topics for
all Subjects
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What is New About Jamb CBT?
The exam, as usual, will be pure cbt. However,
there have been trend in Jamb cbt examination
which every Jamb candidate must overcome.
To pass Jamb once and for all, you must fight
to understand and overcome the issues in the
latest cbt. The article on how to survive the cbt
jamb 2017 update is a must read. See it below.
How to survive the recent Jamb cbt update
How To Pass Jamb 2017
To pass your UTME 2017/2018, you need to pay
for it. What you are not prepared for, you are
not qualified for. I will explain the prices of
Jamb success one after the other.
PASSION: Action needs passion, or it will be
sanctioned. The number one price you should
pay to pass your Joint admission and
matriculation examination (JAMB) is to ignite
your passion towards the examination. The day
your passion dies, success will run away from
DETERMINATION: Determination is stronger
than with-craft. The strength of every
successful student is that they are determined.
When you come across resistance, increase
your persistence. With determination, you can
achieve you desired score in Jamb.
SACRIFICE: Sacrifice is your ability to leave
pleasure and work things out in your closet. It is
your ability to put in your best in quest for
university admission.
Sacrifice never fails. It is time to sacrifice other
things that are not relevant or necessary for
your Jamb examination so as to pass once and
for all.
VISION: Vision is your ability to see the future
through spiritual and mental projection. What
you can see, you can cease. In your
examination, what grade can you see? It is time
to do that now. I will advice you to see 350 and
above in your Jamb .
DRIVE: Vision give you drive. Now that you have
seen and understood what you really want, it is
time to press forward to get it. If you perspire,
you will acquire.
Drive to pass jamb 2017 and gain admission into
your preferred University or Polytechnic.
DIRECTION: It is now left for you to drive
towards the right direction. You must seek the
ultimate guide to pass Jamb once and for all.
Jamb 2017 date is being decided. After the
scheduled meeting, it will be made public. Just
keep checking this site or subscribe to our
email letter below to get the accurate date
when it is out.

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