The woman calmed Abike down and assured Abike that she would not harm her. The woman explained to Abike that she was the goddess of Ojuoro river. The river that took her water pot , beside which she was sited.
The goddess said she decided to come and help Abike because she was moved by her song and tears. She explained that she disguised as an haggard old woman who needed someone to clean her dirty wound because she wanted to test Abike, to know if she was a Kind-hearted person.
With a clap of her hands, the goddess displayed her magical powers and produced Abike’s water pot. Abike was so happy. Through her magical powers also, the goddess gave Abike an orange and asked her to strike it on the ground when she is about to enter the village. Abike thanked the river goddess and headed for home.
As Abike was about to get to the village, she struck the magic Orange on the ground as directed by the goddess. Immediately, a beautiful hut where Abike could live appeared, with so many slaves that can attend to her, carrying baskets of foodstuffs, money and clothes on their heads.
Abike was very happy. She became a very rich girl and does not need to live with her stepmother again. However, Abike returned Mojoyin’s water pot to her.
Surprised at the sudden positive change in Abike life, Moyin sought to know how Abike came about such wealth. Abike told Mojoyin her story.
Mojoyin became so jealous of Abike and decided to send her daughter Abebi, to Ojuoro river on a heavy raining day with a water pot to fetch water for the family.
Mojoyin’s daughter, got to the river and dropped her water pot inside the river. She feigned tears, weeping and asking the river to return her water pot to her.
Ojuoro river, return my water pot
I want to fetch water with it for my mother
Please I cannot go back home without water and the water pot
Ojuoro river, return my water pot
The same way, and in form of an old woman the goddess of Ojoro river appeared to Abike, she also appeared to Abebi. Unlike Abike, Abebi refuse to help the old woman to wash her wound.
Nevertheless, the old woman revealed her identity as the goddess of Ojouro river to Abebi, gave her her lost water pot and a magical orange with the same instruction given to Abike.
But, Abebi did not strike the Orange immediately she entered the village. Rather, she got back home, locked herself, her mother and her siblings in the room and struck the Orange on the ground. Magically, tens of snakes appeared to Abebi and bite her, her mother and her other siblings to death.
That was how Abike’s wicked stepmother died and all her children.
Abike grew up to be a successful woman and lived happy ever after.

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