Soldiers intercept kidnappers, rescue Dubai based man

Soldiers in Abia state have been able to thwart the kidnap of a Dubai-based Nigerian in Aba, Abia State after they got wind of the kidnappers’ movement and waited in ambush for them.
The man, whose name was withheld, was kidnapped in Okpu Umuobo and was being transported by the kidnappers in a black coloured Land Rover Sports Utility car when the soldiers intercepted them. On sighting the soldiers, a shootout began, reportedly killing two of the gang members while two others took to their heels, leaving the kidnapped man behind.
The man is said to be alright while the soldiers are currently trailing the kidnappers who got away. They are believed to be members of a kidnapping syndicate that operates from Rivers State and have carried out various other successful attacks prior to this foiled operation. 
Photo Credit: Abia Facts News

Source: linda

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