Woman in Aleppo writes suicide note then takes her life to avoid rape

Women in the besieged Aleppo have been committing suicide in order to escape the nightmarish life that has become a reality for the people of Aleppo. As at Wednesday morning, no fewer than 20 women committed suicide to avoid being raped by the Syrian Army. This is according to Abdullah Othman, head of the Consultative Council in one of Aleppo’s largest rebel groups, the Levant Front. The story of one nurse who opted to take her life rather than face rape stands out due to the suicide note she penned prior to her death.
This note which was given to the scholars of the Ummah and opposition to the Syrian government was released by an aid worker, Abdullateef Khaled. He translated the letter, written in Arabic, to English and shared on his Facebook page. Read the heartbreaking letter below…

Source: linda

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