​Well, on the call for federal government to take over the institution is far from becoming a reality. 

Do you even know that Federal government is also looking for a way to sell UI ? Ouch, don’t mind my use of words, but the truth is that, federal government is even looking for a way to dish out the institutions that belongs to federal government due to economic instability. 
What we can only call for is federal interventions, and i believe the move should be on that, not taking the university. 
With nostalgia to the establishment of LAUTECH, there is a strong edict that led to the joint ownership of the institution. This edict made it possible to be co owned after which Osun was carved out of Oyo state. Because then, LAUTECH was known as Osutech.
During that time, a lot of things happened. It was during babangida era, and etc etc.
But incase you wish to know more about the establishment of the institution, you can feel free to read my journal on the NUCJ magazine, fossu unilorin magazine which will be out soon. 
Infact, there was a lot of things that constituted to the site of the school, names, change of names, reason for joint ownership, why the establishment, sharing formula, etc.
Well, i believe the call to take over the institution will only put pressure on the two visitors to act fast. 
UI staff that use to collect 75% of salary every month now end up collecting low amount and In Fact, not regularly! 
Presently, their non teaching staff are not on smiling face let alone their Asuu who had recently threatened strike. 
God help LAUTECH
GistNaira Team opinion !

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