​My MMM Adventure Episode 3

My MMM Adventure Episode 3

I was muted, I don’t know what to tell her.

I still kept quite and I was thinking of what to tell say.

MARRYANN: igwe talk to me…

ME: I vowed not to have anything to do with women unless she is going to be my wife.

MARRYANN: please am not going to stay long, Just a week and I’ll pack out from your house.

But why did you said you don’t want to have anything to do with women unless she is going to be your wife?

ME: I messed up my life with them in the past and I don’t want to remember it again.

Is ok, There is no problem.

MARRYANN: Thank you so much and God will bless you.

**she opened the door and dashed out.

As I was about to drove off, My phone rang when I checked,

It was one number like that so I picked up.**

CALLER: good evening sir.


Caller: My name is Sandra from Lagos, I hope am speaking with Igwe?

ME: yes.

Sandra: I just finished reading your story “TALE OF A HOUSE” and I was touched by that story so I decided to call you and congratulate you for the job Weldon and I also want to ask you a question.

ME: ok.

Sandra: please is that story, a real life story ?

Me: yes it is.

Sandra: wow! God will bless you for that wonderful and educating story, It really touching to me.

Could you mind if we be friends?

Me: ** i smiled** why not

Sandra:Where did you reside?

Me: Abuja.

Sandra: alright dear! Maybe one day I’ll pay you a visit, I really want to see your face.

Me: ok.

** I hung up.

I drove home and was so happy that Atleast this guy has confirmed my payment.

The next day, Marryann packed into my house.

I’m living in three bedroom flat so I gave her one room to pack in.

We started living together, We cooked together and eat together ,

then, When we want to sleep ,we’ll go inside our different room.

I didn’t even feel anything for her.

After one month, I login to my MMM account and click get help.

They matched two people that will pay me.

I got their numbers and call the first person, It was a lady.

Me: hello, my name is Igwe, am calling you from MMM, I hope am speaking with


Shola: yes.

Me: I just called to inform you that you’ve been matched on MMM to pay me.

Shola: ok…. please am no more interested in MMM again.

ME: why, what happened?

Shola: Are you not hearing all this things that are going on about our government battling MMM?

I’m afraid, I cant continue, let them block my account.

ME: alright…. but sister, you don’t have to decide that because you and I know that Government can’t do anything to stop it.

If MMM will crash, then know that it’ll be from you and I and

If it’ll stand fame in Nigeria , It’ll also be from our hands as a participant.

MMM don’t have office here in Nigeria and how will govt know the MMM participants and arrest them.

When I heard that govt will start to arrest all the MMM participants, I laughed at them because I know they cant do it.

How will they know MMM participant??

They only want to use it and scare People away.

So lets join hands and build this platform and Make it ours.

Shola: But why did MMM block some peoples account without paying them?

Me: Don’t mind those that people, They violated the rules and regulations guiding the website and that why MMM suspended their account.

Don’t be afraid, I’m not telling you all this for you to pay me, No but just for you to know in case if you re not aware.

Even if you refuse to pay, They’ll block your account and match another person to pay me.

Shola: ok,,, there is no problem, I’ll send you the money tomorrow.

Lemme login to my account and check.

ME: alright!

** I hung up and dialled the second person’s number and he picked up.

I told him that he have been matched to pay me and he agreed to pay.

In the evening of that day, I got alert from Shola and also the other guy.

I logged in and confirm their payment.

Shola called me after some minutes and told me to confirm her payment and I told her that I’ve done that.

Shola: Thank you… as for my own payment, If they didn’t pay me, I’ll hold you responsible.

I hope you heard me very well ** jokingly.

I laughed and told her that I’ll pay her if MMM fails** she laughed also.

On November 5th, As I was still in the office, My phone rang and I pick up and it was Shola.

Shola: hello…. igwe MMM has paid me.

Thank you for encouraging me and I really appreciate .

ME: you’re welcome Shola.

But you’ve to give me my own share from the money…..

**she laughed…

She hung up.

I pledged to give help of 200k , After two weeks I received my Second money.

Two weeks later, I called Shola to say hi to her.

We started talking as if we know each other.

Before we could know what was going on, She gave me her address.

She said, she stays in Asokoro in Abuja and I told her that I also stays in Abuja,

Nyanya precisely.

We set a date to see each other.

On that day after Sunday mass.

I told Marryann that I want to go and visit someone and left.

To be continue.

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